Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Women Plastic Surgeons


I was reading through some of the feedback e-mail from our website, and notice a lot of e-mails from women, showing concern about the lack of women plastic surgeons in their area, so I thought I would blog about that today.

More and more women are flocking to plastic surgeons' offices to have some kind of work done. But it's hard to feel comfortable in the hands of men, wondering about a breast augmentation with them, or a breast reduction and just thinking how would they know how it feels, they don't have to deal with that, right?

Well, for that group of women, (and men, I guess...) I suggested to one of our writers to gather some of those surgeons and write an article about them, what they think makes a difference and how they approach this world of surgeons, ruled by men, pretty much.

It's quiet interesting, he intereviewed Dr Mariam Awada in Michigan, and Dr Kimberly Henry in Northern California.

Women Plastic Surgeons


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