Thursday, May 26, 2005

Surgeon Operates on Himself???

Yes, it's true, kinda, at least.

Dr. Robert Ersek, from Austin, Texas, performed liposuction on himself a few months ago. I guess a reason behind this move, was his research on stem cells, on storing and studying adult stem cells.

So he went ahead, called up on some of his friends, the media and assistants and performed liposuction on himself, just a few spots here and there, nothing too dramatic, it wasn't done with the purpose of losing weight or getting a slim figure, it was him trying to get his own fat cells for the future.

Here's an interview with the doctor, who happens to be very very entertaining and a very smart and professional plastic surgeon in the country. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about his experience with this surgery, as well as the many other tv show he's been participating on for the last few years.

Interview with Dr. Robert Ersek - Liposuction on Himself

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Anonymous said...

This guy has to be crazy!
But then again, I'm all for stem cell research...