Thursday, September 27, 2007

Plastic Surgery Movie

Plastic Surgery Movie

It looks boffo (Hollywood-speak for “a two-hanky tearjerker”). Provided you can find it and don’t mind English subtitles over a Korean sound track, the flick 200 Pounds of Beauty is about a Korean 20-year-old blessed with an unbelievable voice. But she’s also an Asian incarnation of Mama Cass, tipping the scales at 200 pounds. This, on a four-foot-nine frame in a nation where the average weight for females is 95 pounds!

Plastic Surgery Hot Spot

The heroine, Kim Ah-Jung, is the secret vocalist for a famous (READ: reed thin) Korean singer who lip syncs to Kim’s marvelous singing. The plot thickens again when Kim meets a famous plastic surgeon, a totally natural development because Korea has become a plastic surgery hot spot in Asia.
Eventually, Kim gets sick of her weight. She stays in seclusion for a year to lose it, emerging as Jenny, a recent émigré from California to becomes an overnight singing sensation AND -- here’s the two hanky part -- capturing the heart of her secret love. Jenny/Kim is the sole act in a huge, national concert. But old enemies reveal her actual past and show pictures of her former corpulent self at the concert.

Breaks Down

Instead of singing, Jenny breaks down, admits to the millions in attendance (though satellite hookups) she is really is a “fake” and “all plastic.” Much to her surprise, the audience chants en masse “That’s okay, Jen, go on with the show!”
While the movie won a handful of awards, it’s a tad misleading about plastic surgery.
Sure, surgeons can remove some excess fat through liposuction, but the procedure is not for weight loss. There is just no easy way around the weight loss thing; it has to be done the hard way, by eating less and working out more. Check this out to get a better appreciation of what liposuction can -- and can not do.

NBC’s Biggest Loser

If movies were real life and Jenny did lose 100 or more pounds, she would have required an altogether different plastic surgery procedure, body shaping or body contouring to get rid of excess skin.
Of course, if moves were like real life, nobody would go. But here’s a little slice of real life, about NBC’s Biggest Loser who had body shaping after breaking the show’s records.
What’s your favorite film or T.V. program about plastic surgery?

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Randy said...

This sounds like an interesting movie. What I think is more interesting is how many body contouring procedures are actually performed a year. Check out these Plastic Surgery Statistics

Anonymous said...

My favorite T.V. program about plastic surgery is... nip/tuck, of course, although I'm not so sure it's really "about" plastic surgery so much as it is about simply entertaining people. I like it though because I live in LA, but work with a plastic surgery center in FL that specializes in... liposuction in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. So, I know a bit about both Miami and LA. As your post was about lipo though, I'd like to say that I completely agree. Lipo is to remove unwanted pockets of problem fat... fat that's unresponsive to diet and exercise. The man or woman considering liposuction needs to lead a healthy lifestyle both before and after the procedure. Great post!