Monday, July 21, 2008

Docs Study Tattoos - And Who Hates 'em

A Texas researcher surveyed 196 people who went to dermatologic clinics for tattoo removal. Results? People who want their tats removed are more likely to be women than men. They want the skin markings removed because others make nasty cracks about the tattoos, which were jeered in some (READ: high paying) work locations.

The 66 men and 130 women from the survey first got the tattoos at age 20 because:
  • 44 percent wanted to feel unique
  • 33 percent wanted to show independence
  • 28 percent wanted some life experience to stand out
  • 21 percent wanted to mark a special occasion like a birthday, marriage or their newly found independence.

A tattoo with a breast implant. It was later removed.
(photo by Lane Jensen)

The researchers next asked the subjects why they wanted the tattoos taken off between ages 24 and 39.

Here’s what they said:
  • 57 percent were embarrassed
  • 38 percent said it lowered their body image
  • 37 percent cited problems with clothes revealing the tattoo
  • 25 percent felt singled out
(Note: totals do not equal 100 because some study respondents marked multiple reasons.)

Read more about the study.

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