Monday, October 15, 2007

Plastic Surgery Gets Its Own Freeway!

In happier news: a recent development will speed things up in Beverly Hills, the world Mecca of plastic surgery.

So many people travel to and from Beverly Hills, a new-high speed thoroughfare has been built to insure the timely arrivals of surgical rejuvenation patients at their many destinations in and about the Golden Ghetto.

Pictured below is the Plastic Surgery Freeway. Of course, that moniker is slang -- the roadway’s real name is the Beverly Hills Freeway. Nonetheless, the thoroughfare features convenient off-ramps at Tummy Tuck Parkway, Rhinoplasty Place, Botox Circle, Dermabrasion Drive and other favorite motoring destinations.

(Well, O.K., we made up the part about the Plastic Surgery Freeway, but the rest of the column is totally true! The above picture is actually a ‘fridge magnet. ((Photo courtesy of But the Beverly Hills Freeway could be real some day, don’t you think?)

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