Monday, February 18, 2008

Brazilian Butts Rebooted

My dad always used to tell me, “Boy, you are completely technologically reclined!”

your friendly blogger, studying computers to avoid suffering
a misspent youth.

So I was never sure about most high-tech gizmos. In fact, I used to think that “rebooting” meant kicking somebody in the butt twice.

Then I met somebody to whom that had actually happened. Suffering from “Flat Butt Syndrome,” 42-year-old Kim R. in Baltimore had apparently been rebooted so many times her pants were always falling down. Read more.

So she went to see Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, a Baltimore plastic surgeon who takes care of people with the following additional female rebooting symptoms:

*Needing tops that cover the butt

*Wearing undergarments with butt pads

Padded underwear for that
added booty look.

The solution? Sure, it’s Baltimore but she had a Brazilian Butt Lift anyhow. And now, she’s got back. Although she wasn’t allowed to sit down for two weeks. More.

A basic Brazilian butt. Note, however, the
beach is not Baltimore. Beaches there are, not
sand but crushed crab shells.

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