Friday, June 25, 2010

Hollywood Wants Real Faces

In a time when the media is openly discussing plastic surgery procedures and the fight to maintain a youthful appearance, many Hollywood casting directors are steering in the other direction. Mothers, fathers, and grandparents are no longer easily cast due to the various facial and body enhancements that the older generation is inevitably undergoing. It seems as though aging gracefully has been replaced with looking young no matter what the individual’s age may be. There are fewer and fewer “real” faces in Hollywood due to cosmetic plastic surgery and the pressure to compete with younger, incoming actors.

Although both men and women are guilty of undergoing surgical rejuvenation, there is a greater number of female patients who seek enhancement. The most commonly performed procedures include breast augmentation Botox ® injections. While some actresses have chosen to enlarge their breasts with breast implants proportionate to their body shape, others have gone larger and possibly put their chances for a role at risk. The advent of Hi Def TV and films has caused many actresses to succumb to the likes of facial injectables and laser resurfacing, which diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, casting directors are passing them over due to lack of “character” and uniqueness. Plastic surgery in moderation is often best when an actor would like to continue working in Hollywood.

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