Friday, June 04, 2010

Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center Celebrates 10 Years of Service

For nearly a decade Dr. Miguel A. Delgado has been serving Bay Area plastic surgery patients, performing various facial, breast, and cosmetic body procedures. While the down economy drives doctors and medical facilities to cut costs and cut corners, his Bay Area plastic surgery practices continues the strive for excellence that was set 10 years ago.

Dr. Delgado opened his cosmetic surgery centers with the vision of having the best-equipped, best-staffed, and patient-friendly surgery centers in the Bay Area. He is able to achieve this distinction due to the fact that he personally supervises all aspects of running the surgery center. He spends a great deal of time mastering the latest in surgical procedures, many times requiring new equipment. If it is of benefit to his patients, he will carry it.

Since he began practicing plastic surgery in 1988, Dr. Delgado has perfected many surgical techniques of the face, breast, and body that are unique to his practice. His patients have attested to his expertise based on their surgical outcome. Many of his San Francisco Bay Area breast augmentation patients state how natural their breasts look with hardly any visible scarring.

As Dr. Delgado celebrates his practice’s 10-year tenure in the Bay Area, he also reflects on years of achievement and innovation. Over the years, Dr. Delgado has been featured in several documentaries worldwide, including a documentary by English pop singer Louise Redkamp, who wanted to show the journey of a woman seeking a “mommy makeover.” He is also internationally recognized as an expert in gynecomastia surgery, which lead to the launch of his gynecomastia specialty site and inclusion on the informative industry site

His strive for excellence and dedication to his patients and his practice have set him apart from other San Francisco area cosmetic surgeons and have made this milestone something to celebrate.

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