Thursday, November 15, 2007

Changing Your Appearance -- Japanese Style

After your plastic surgery, you expect to look younger, more rested, more refreshed and just better.

But would you want to look like, oh, say, a vending machine?

That’s doable in Japan. A top designer of women’s clothes has created a fold up camouflage sheet for wear under skirts. When you are alone at night on a dark street and feel threatened, you just pull out the camo sheet, turn your back to a wall and hold the sheet up over your head.

Presto! You’re a vending machine! Well, you look like one, anyhow. The creep goes sauntering on by, thinking you’ve vanished into thin air. The deluxe version (pictured below) has four sides for a more complete camouflaging experience.

Let’s just hope street creeps are not thirsty and try to stick coins in your eye!

The vending machine closest to the camera is a woman waiting for danger to pass. Maybe next time she should pull her toes in under cover, too! Oh, and by the way, never, never rock these machines -- even the camouflage models are top heavy and can topple over, causing injury! (DISCLAIMER: Trembling might give you away. Most vending machines stand as still as a statue.)

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