Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The White Smile Diet

An English study is something you can use daily, according to The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry which has developed an eating regime known as The While Smile Diet. The routine promises to keep your pearly whites more pearly. The Academy claims eating more of the foods listed below can keep your “gnashes” (British slang for “teeth”) gleaming instead of gray.

Thus, just consume more of the following:

  • More raw veggies. They help remove surface stains on your teeth. (Besides, no cooking is involved!)

  • Strawberries also help whiten your gnashes.

  • Avoid stain producing foods and drink, most notably:

    • Coffee and tea

    • Red wines

    • Cola soft drinks

    • Blueberries

  • Drink from a straw and let liquids bypass your teeth.
    (Does that mean you can have coffee, tea, red wine and cola drinks after all? They wouldn’t say. But, hey, if you don’t feel silly in a restaurant drinking wine or coffee through a straw, go for it. As for the blueberries, I imagine they would be hard to fit through the straw. Just use your own best judgment on that one.)

  • Use sugarless chewing gum. It stimulates saliva which cleans the surface of your teeth.

  • Don’t smoke. If you didn’t already know, smoking stains your teeth and is hard on your gums and everything else in and around your body. Even your plants and pets will give up the ghost. Termites have been known to succumb to second hand smoke.
For more on what cosmetic dentistry is all about on this side of the big pond, check out this section.

Also, we here in the Colonies can offer something in dentistry you don’t find very often in Merrie Olde England. You can get a facelift via dentistry !


Wheaton Dentist said...

Hmmm... those tips are actually correct and can be applied everyday. I guess I'm gonna have to figure a way to fit blueberries though a straw. (*lol) Anyway a bright smile isn't only pretty, but can lift the mood of the people around you. What would you lose if you tried following 'em right? Anyway if you need more info try checking my site for other tips. I hope you could check it out. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The correct term we British use is Gnasher's, as in '' I need a new pair of gnasher's ! '' And NEVER ''Gnashes '' Unless used as ''He/she gnashes his/her teeth.


Jay in Gloucester England