Friday, December 21, 2007

Botox Injections -- Fast, Fast Relief!

Remedies Writer’s Cramp, Scars, Sweaty Palms and Bladder Woes.

Ironing out facial wrinkles with Botox is only one of its actual uses.

Medical researchers continue finding new uses for Botox -- which leads the pack of noninvasive procedures with 3.9 million uses in 2006. It’s now a good treatment for relieving writers’ cramp. According to the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, three to seven of every 100,000 people suffer from writer’s cramp. Read more. Besides the cramping, if your fingers and hands ever become wrinkled, you’ve got that covered, too!

Plastic Surgery Incisions

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that treating a facial wound --like a plastic surgery incision -- early in the healing phase with Botox improves the appearance of a scar later. More. Al Capone shoulda been alive for this, huh?

Salesmen and others are handicapped if they have sweaty palms. It’s bad enough listening to a sales pitch but who wants to shake hands with a glad handing sales person whose paw feels like a wet washcloth?

One woman sufferer had drops of perspiration dripping from one hand. She usually suffered five sweaty palm outbreaks a day, with each lasting about half an hour. Just try selling a Lexus or a beachfront condo with water pouring off your hands! Stress, exercise, coffee or alcohol brought on her damp palm attacks. Read more.

Botox Injections

Again, Botox rode to the rescue and stopped the wet palms.

Researchers at UT Southwestern University in Dallas wanted to treat overactive bladder victims to help them regain control. Some were spinal cord injury victims whose injured nerves sent the bladder the wrong message at the wrong time. Like in church, at weddings, giving a major speech, while asking for a raise and so on. Others were MS patients, spina bifida and interstitial cystitis sufferers who, well, hey, you’ve got the idea by now. An associate professor of urology uses Botox to stop the leaks and embarrassing incidents. More.

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