Friday, December 07, 2007

Study: Wireless Gizmo Helps You Lose 3 Times More Weight

One of the fastest growing surgeries is the body shaping procedure that removes excess skin because the patient has lost some serious weight -- often, 100, 150 or more pounds. Doctors know it as MWL -- Massive Weight Loss.

MWL patients lost so much because each had his or her stomach stapled into a smaller pouch that holds very little food. The procedure reduces a stomach from the size of a football to the size of a tennis ball.

But a new wireless gadget could make both those operations passé.

A new study at Germany’s Magdeburg University reveals that subjects who wore an
ApierMotion activity sensor tripled their weight loss. Read more.

The device records the subjects’ movements, calories and weight and wirelessly sends the vital information to the professor overseeing the test.

If the professor sees too much sloth or mindless eating, he calls the subject and gets him or her back on the straight and narrow. And don’t forget -- this professor is a no-nonsense German. Ein-Zwei! Ein-Zwei! Ein-Zwei! Watch Sunday Football? Nein!! Eat Deserts? Verboten!! Beer? Niemals!! Choo will work-work-work.!!

The three-month study observed seventy-one families; 20 wore the monitoring device and enjoyed the weight loss so much they forgot all about catching up with the professor in a dark alley somewhere.

ApierMotion activity sensor tells your workout guru exactly how much, when where and if you are getting exercise.

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Anonymous said...

Can you get one of these in the U.S.? If so,will your overseer as demanding as a German?