Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Mirror Shows Your Future Look (Probably!)

The mirror has probably driven more people to the offices of plastic surgeons than anything else except reunions and weddings.

But if you hate looking in the mirror now, just wait a few years.

Soon, you can see what your reflection looks like a quarter or half century into the future. So, maybe you can use the mirror to get an idea when to schedule some cosmetic plastic surgery. After all, you never know how far in advance your favorite plastic surgeon is going to be booked!

It works like this: cameras are mounted all through your home. They see you when you’re naughty and nice and while you are:

  • puffing away on cigarettes

  • pigging out on twinkles, cookies and colas

  • having beer and chips for dinner

  • living on the couch

(Remember, we make up nothing around here! Read the report for yourself.)

Next, the high-tech gizmos process all that information through special computers, add what your parents look like and plaster a picture of what you are very likely to look like on your mirror, given known aging patterns and your current habits.

Say, you haven’t quite dropped the cigarette habit. You get up one day and say “Mirror, mirror on the wall,…” or whatever and presto! There, before your unbelieving eyes is you, 30 years later, gray and haggard from smoking and coughing.

On the other hand, those cameras also see you eating well, getting proper sleep, lacing up your running shoes and carrying your gym bag out the door four or five times a week.

In that case, when you go to the mirror, the future image popping up next to your current self is slim and trim, has rosy cheeks and just a little gray hair. Older, but probably kinda distinguished and very, very healthy.

Stop and think. What will your reflection show in 2032? If you have unhealthy habits or choose the wrong plastic surgeon, it could be something like the picture below! Yes, be afraid! Very afraid!

Do you suppose we will still say YIKES! then?

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Anonymous said...

What if you already break mirrors?