Monday, December 10, 2007

English Women Paint Plates with Bare Breasts

Ha! And you thought that breast plates were something that Roman soldiers wore on their chests. Not any more.

There’s a new way to make a breast plate. And some of the proceeds go to charity. In Country Durham, England, women at Buttercups Ceramic Studio splash paint on their breasts, press an ordinary plate to their chests and then design some type of figure around the imprint.

Actually, it’s all innocent because the bare breast plate pressing is made in private -- the studio is a family centered facility with lots of kids around. A finished plate costs 12 pounds ($24.80) with three pounds being donated to the fight against beast cancer.

Common plate designs include Pandas, owls, the front of cars, twin cherries, bumble bees, well, you get the idea -- anything that seems to have a pair of wide set eyes.

Here is an entirely G-rated video showing how a breast plate is created:

Intrepid Northern Echo reporter Lauren Pyrah
with her finished breast plate.

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