Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chewing Gum Makes Breasts Grow?

The most excellent blog, Truth in Cosmetic Surgery, written by John Di Saia, M.D, a board certified plastic surgeon in San Clemente, California,
found a hilarious commercial for a type of chewing gum known as “Boobie Chew.”

Take a look: http://www.liquidgeneration.com/Media/Videos/Viral_Videos/Bizarre/Boobie_Chew/

The video seems to date from the 1980s; nobody is sure if it ever actually aired because its medical claims never got assigned to the precise category in science known as “believable.”

Nonetheless, you can still find chewing gum that purports to increase breast size. For instance, in Japan B2UP (short for “Bust Up Gum”) is a big seller.

The magic B2UP ingredient? Extracts from the Kwao Krua plant which is said to make breasts grow, improve shape and tone. Hey, what’s this? Breasts now have tone? Well, maybe a G would be all right with most people but I imagine a B flat would be a big fizzle. Read more.

Also available for the chewing gum and bosom-challenged public are Zoft Breast Gum (Contains Phytoestrogens! Chew less! Grow More!) and Breast Success, among others.

Here’s an odd but related item about chewing gum:

While chewing gum really can make surgical incisions heal faster, the one thing it does not do is make breasts grow larger, says Dr. Si Saia.

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Anonymous said...

Does chewing gum really have that effect on guys? Or was the table just falling over?