Friday, January 11, 2008

The Chopstick Bra

Rarely do you see such an, ah, uplifting story.

Here’s the heart of it: Cut down fewer trees while creating more cleavage for all those who want it. It might even replace breast augmentation procedures.

As a nation, Japan throws away some 25 billion chopsticks yearly, causing large swaths of forest to be cut down.

And what’s the best way to stop that waste?

Why, silly, wearing a chopstick bra!

If you want to see the chopstick bra in action, check out this video:

Lingerie maker Triumph Internal Japan developed the support garment so the wearer could insert several pair of reusable chopsticks into the bra’s underarm panels. See where this is headed?

Triumph didn’t explain it fully but additional chopsticks can be used against the bosom to create a more flattering décolletage.

But don’t be mislead by the woman posing for the above picture. One cup resembles a rice bowl and the other a soup bowl (Chopsticks for soup? I don’t get it either!) but it’s all a grab for media attention.

The production model bra will most likely be just ordinary cloth cups with plenty of chopstick pockets. So far, nothing special is in the works for guys who want to carry collapsible eating utensils. Maybe a longer shirt pocket?

By the way, Triumph is a fashion designer with an odd sense of style. Read more about their take on the top eight most bizarre bras.

And if you’re interested in new bustlines, here’s a more-or-less normal story about adjustable breast implants.

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