Thursday, January 24, 2008

Top 10 Extreme Plastic Surgeries

1. Belly Button Surgery

Some people with “innies” want “outies” and vice-versa. Technically, the operation is known as an umbilicoplasty. Read more.

2. Toe-Besity Surgery

Got tubbie toes? Stubby toes? Slim them! More.

3. Eyebrow Transplants

There’s no woe like skimpy or no eyebrow woe! More.

4. Foot Facelift

A toe may be too long or short; maybe it’s the dreaded “high heel foot” condition or corns, bunions or hammertoes. Solution? Anything but sensible shoes. Puh-lease! Better: a toe tuck and foot facelift to look good in sandals.

5. Ear on the Forearm

You don’t see a lot of this but one “performance” artist
implanted a more-or-less real human ear on his forearm. Something to do
with seeing what he is hearing? I don’t get it either but, hey,
today’s avant garde is tomorrow’s ho-hum. More.

This is not Photoshopped. The ear
was grown from human cells in a
Petri dish in a university lab.

6. Rib Removal

I always thought this was taken care of in the Garden of Eden. Anyhow, some women who want an hourglass shaped figure have two or three ribs removed. But the patient also must have a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) for the whole concept to come together. More.

A patient shows her new waist just after her surgery, left,
and after things have healed better.

7. The Human Barbie

Sarah Burge, 46, an English woman, has had 26 plastic surgeries over the last 20 years, trying to make herself look like Barbie. It’s actually quite a lonely life because there is no Ken in sight. Any volunteers, guys? It has only cost Sarah $351,775 to get a certain Barbie look. So far, that is. More.

8. Plastic Surgery for Kangaroos.

Feznick, a popular Hollywood movie star, (well, in roles that call for a kangaroo,
anyhow,) was bit by one of his neighbors where a lot of acting animals live. Hey,
this is California, you know! Because his close-ups would be ruined, he had
plastic surgery on his snout. More

9. Michael Jackson

Need we say more? Some plastic surgeons figure 10 to 15 surgeries on that nose. More

10.Jocelyn Wildenstein

Ha! You didn’t think we could top Michael Jackson, huh? Jocelyn’s bill for plastic surgery -- no wait, make that bad plastic surgery -- is said to be over 3 million dollars, thanks to a multi-million dollar inheritance. More.

Jocelyn, aka “The Cat Woman”

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