Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Media Watch -- 36 DD for a Day

British reporter Clover Stroud, below left as she normally looks and while having the equivalent of a 36DD breast implant applied.

Stroud, a reporter for the Daily Mail in London, England, wondered about all the fuss over breast enhancements.

So a movie makeup artist applied the bosom of a woman who has 36 DD implants. Stroud then wore the getup for 24 hours and walked around London while noting the different ways men -- and other women -- responded to her.

Wrote Stroud about a range of odd reactions: “But what had inspired this frankly odd behavior from complete strangers? Quite simply, it was my pair of perfectly perky 36DD breasts.” Read more.

NEXT: Toe-besity: There’s a surgery for that!

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