Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting Older? Your Jaw is Getting Square!

It’s not drooping flesh. Or wrinkles. Not baggy eyelids, either.

It’s that curse of aging, the square jaw.

So declares the America Society of Plastic Surgeons in a special report studying images of 16 people taken when they were mere babes -- about 16 -- in the woods and again at “maturity,” meaning 56 or older. Read more.

So we wondered what famous people would have looked like with those jaws.

(Images courtesy of

Einstein would not look
much older with a square jaw.
It looks like maybe boxing promoter
Don King copied the hairstyle, though.
(I’ve read both guys comb their hair
with jumper cables.)

The Golden State “Governator”
only looks tougher and more determined
to “bee bach” with a square jaw.

With a square jaw, Bonnie Prince
looks like he’s ready to take
over the Royal Reins from
the Queen Mum and be a proper

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