Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top 10 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Stories for 2007

1. Botox Injections at Home and Work
Beauty is now being delivered to your doorstep or office. Read more.

2. Birthmarks: Getting the Blemishes Removed
Millions of people are afflicted with marks they want removed. More.

3. NBC’s Biggest Loser
Losing 311 pounds is the way to grab this prize! More.

4. Plastic Surgeons Recall Volunteering on 9-11-2001
A 110-story building fell on one plastic surgeon volunteer . More.

5. Can Plastic Surgery Cure the Blues?
Everybody feels better when they look better. But some patients lose their depression after plastic surgery. More

6. Breast Enhancement -- via Fat Grafting
It’s big in Europe -- using your own fat to enhance breasts.
A New York City surgeon shows the way. More.

7. Eyelash Transplants
Skimpy eye winkers? Hate gloppy mascara?
Transplants might brighten your eyes. More

8. Botox & Restylane for 20-somethings
Cosmetic plastic surgery is no longer just for old-timers. More.

9. Repairing Tubular Breasts
Many small breasted women don’t know they have a deformity. For tubular breasts, the surgeon must do a breast enlargement, lift and reduction -- all at once. More.

10. SmartLipo
The new liposuction kid on the block melts fat with a needle-sized, laser-tipped wand. More.

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